Web Site Launch and Purpose

Welcome to my blog. Its purpose is to enlighten and entertain. Using my imagination to develop stories, tales and scenarios that delight, amuse and maybe cause folks to give some thought to…how or why things are. Actually, my writing is to help me give thought to why or how things are.

Some of my stories are based on events that happened to me. Some are based on events that happened to people I know. Some are total B.S. Others are recommendations based on my opinion of one or more ways to do something. Landing an airplane for example.

My opinion is that being able to walk away is certainly one qualifying factor. Catching the nose gear on three pine trees to slow the airplane and then gently lower it to the ground, priceless.  This pilot’s skills may well have saved my life, as I was the passenger. We both owe another thank you to our guardian angels.

Interesting stuff but back to the website: Proper planning, to me, is the act of perceiving consequences. Since this website and blog is a new experience for me, the plan will undoubtedly change and evolve. It is altogether unlikely that I have perceived all the consequences. For starters, let’s plan for this effort to help you enhance the benefit you get from aviation, boating, diving and recreation in general. My goal is not so much about what I can do but is more about how I can help you do what you do.  I hope it is both fun and rewarding for all of us. Nevertheless, off we go. Please keep in mind that your constructive feedback is appreciated.

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